Beverly Hills plastic surgery

When you think of Beverly Hills, you probably think of luxury shops, fancy cars, and expensive real estate, right? But if you are like many people, you also think about Beverly Hills plastic surgery. BUT, just because a doctor is located in Beverly Hills, does that mean the best?

Do you want to go to a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic doctor? Some procedures should only be done by a plastic surgeon including all complex or long surgeries. On this website, we will provide information that you can use to educate yourself, avoid botched surgeries, and some questions to ask the doctors you interview for your surgeries on the hottest trends in cosmetic procedures:

  • #1 – Liposuction (recently up from #2)
  • #2 – Breast augmentation
  • #3 – Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  • #4 – Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
  • #5 – Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) tie with;
  • #5 – Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
  • Combination of procedures – Mommy makeover
  • Trending – Brazialian Butt Lift with fat transfer

Here is a short explanation of the procedures and the trends. For more information see the pages dedicated to each one.

#1 Liposuction

There are several types of liposuction, some that can be done under local anesthetic and others that require you to be asleep under general anesthetic. All procedures have their pros and cons but as technology advances, Liposuction moves more and more away from simply removing fat to sculpting beautiful curves in the hands of a talented surgeon.

Unfortunately, liposuction is one of the most frequently botched procedures and has the highest disappointment factor for patients whose expectations were not met. There is a growing trend amongst the more talented doctors to move away from doing liposuction by areas, which often creates an imbalanced shape or strange proportions, to a technique called 360 liposuction. Doctors that are highly-skilled can even etch the muscles and give women a 4-pack and men a 6-pack. Although it’s not the most economical, the 360 approach is the only technique that allows the surgeon to sculpt beautiful balance curves, both front, and rear.

Liposuction is the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure in the US. The gold standard today is VASER High Definition lipo which preserves fat for other areas (breast, face, buttocks), minimize bruising, and allows talented surgeons to sculpt the body, not just remove fat.

#2 Breast Argumentation

According to the American society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation declined approximately 4% in 2019, while other procedures gain in popularity. However, it is still an extremely sought after cosmetic procedure

Breast implants have advanced to give a more natural look and feel. With advancements in Liposuction and fat preservation, more women are opting for a more natural enhancement achieved with their body fat. However, implants give you nearly endless choices for size and shape, whereas breast enhancement with fat is limited to about a cup size.

#3 Eyelid Surgery

There are two different procedures for the eyes. The upper lid and the under eye.

Whether it’s genetics or aging, sagging, wrinkled upper eyelid tissue is exceptionally aging. It not only adds years to a person’s face, but it can make you look tired and sad. Removing the right amount of tissue so the eye looks natural, is a bit of an art. When this surgery is done well, the eyes look open and youthful. Done wrong, and the skin can look stretched and unnatural.

The under-eye area tends to accumulate fat bags, and the skin gets thin, crepey The surgery involves removing the excess fat and saggy skin. Removing the bags from under the eyes takes years off a person’s appearance. The right surgeon is critical when having these simple but appearance altering procedures. You want a natural, well-rested result, not the “deer in the headlights” look.

#4 Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping or nose job is clinically called rhinoplasty. No surgery does more to alter your appearance than a nose reshaping. Optimal nose surgery improves the nose’s size and shape and creates balance with the rest of your facial features.

There are two main types of rhinoplasty, open and closed. Open rhinoplasty is a more extended surgery and generally higher in cost than a closed procedure. This surgery should only be done by a plastic surgeon – not a cosmetic surgeon and a surgeon with extensive experience with numerous patients before and afters.

In the world of Beverly Hills plastic surgery, one plastic surgeon we interviewed for our website said rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding and THE most artistic of all the surgeries he performs. Read our page on rhinoplasty for more about open and closed procedures.

# 5 Tummy Tuck (tie)

This surgery is growing in popularity as more women want to regain their “before” pregnancy figures. Both women and men who have lost substantial amounts of weight have tummy tucks to remove excess skin that no amount of weight loss can remedy. A tummy tuck is most often done in conjunction with liposuction to achieve best results.

There are two classic procedures and one relatively new approach to tummy tucks:

  • Mini tuck – involves the upper abdomen only and is done to remove excess skin
  • Full tuck – involves both upper and lower abdomen and is used to correct muscle displacement and separation from childbirth and weight gain
  • 360 tummy tuck – is a full tuck and includes consideration of the hip proportions and waistline narrowing of the front and around the back of the body

Critical to exceptional results are:

  • Placement and shape of the belly button, which is an art form, especially with a full tuck
  • Placement of the scar, which in a full tuck is hip to hip, at the lowest part of the bikini line
  • Artful stitching of the incision so that the scar has a minimal appearance over time

# 5 Facelift (tie)

In the world of Beverly Hills plastic surgery, there are a higher number of facelifts performed than the national demographic but whether or not you live in Beverly Hills, you still want the best possible result.

As you research facelifts, you’ll find a myriad of offerings. The Thread Life, the Vampire Lift, the Endoscopic Lift, the newer Renuvion Lift with stem cells, and the SMAS Lift. Each has its best uses and limitations. The facelift is perhaps the highest expectation of all surgeries and patients would do well to educate themselves before interviewing doctors with this appearance and life-altering procedure.

The gold standard for facelifts is the SMAS, which in the hands of the right surgeon, turns back the hands of time. A plastic surgeon vs. a cosmetic surgeon should do this procedure. It addresses the underlying muscles and tissues as well as the skin and is the proper “holistic” approach to a natural-looking result. Done well, the “wind-blown” look that gives away poor results is replaced by reversing the clock 5-15 years by reversing the spade-shaped face of aging to the heart-shaped face of youth.

Keep in mind, traditionally, a facelift addresses the neck, jawline, and lower two-thirds of the face, but not the eyes and brow. Eyelid surgery and brow lifts are separate surgeries to discuss with your surgeon. As a doctor that does Beverly Hills plastic surgery told us, he often does eye lifts at the same time as he does facelifts, but fewer brow lifts. Doctors that do not consider a patient’s existing hairline achieve the perpetually “surprised” look that takes years to soften.

Most Popular Combination – Mommy Makeover

Although the Mommy Makeover is typically a combination of liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast procedures, each woman has her own unique needs. It is vital that the doctor you select to do this extensive surgery is highly experienced, can guide you to the right combination of procedures, and is a good listener.

The following procedures in the right combination with a personalized surgical plan, give the best results:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Mini tummy tuck (upper abs only with skin rescission)
  • Full tummy tuck (upper and lower abs with skin rescission and muscle repair)
  • Liposuction and 360 high definition lipo
  • 360 tummy tuck

Fast Trending – The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

No doubt when you think of a BBL, you think of Kim Kardashian and the “Miami” butt lift. But (no pun intended), there are many variations of a BBL, including the “Newport Beach” style, coined by Dr. Arian Mowlavi – board-certified Plastic Surgeon, RealSelf Board Member, VASER trainer, and the author of the BBL Scale. The BBL Scale allows Dr. Mowlavi’s patients to pick their ideal buttock shape, size, and projection. More and more physicians are doing modest BBL’s that give patients more shape, projection, and a more pronounced waistline without doing the “Miami” version that has limited appeal.

With the advent of liposuction procedures that do not destroy fat cells, like VASER ultra-sound assisted lipo, fat can be harvested and used to do buttocks enhancement. Many doctors are moving away from implants in the buttock and prefer to use body fat. Properly placed, fat is safe and resilient, with the majority of the fat cells staying in the buttocks.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Beyond

Not everyone can afford Beverly Hills plastic surgery but there are many talented plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Southern California and beyond. Please enjoy our pages that expand on these procedures and we hope this information helps you choose the right doctor.