Lipo and BBL They Go Well Together

Lipo and BBL

Liposuction( Lipo) and Brazillian Butt Lift ( BBL) are two different invasive procedures that have been found to go well together because one is a supplement of the other. In Lipo, a client gets fat removed from the body parts where it is not wanted like the thighs, the belly, the back, and such places to enhance them look like what the client wants. The BBL is a procedure where fat is placed at the buts to enhance their size, shape, and look.

These two procedures can be done together because the fat removed in other parts is then utilized to enhance the butts

The two procedures can be done in a single operation 

These two procedures can be performed in a single operation hence saving the time used in operation, the money, and the period is taken to heal. These two procedures can be done together in this way: in lipo, the procedure removes fat from where it is not needed. Where do you take this fat? Use it to enhance your butts. Common lets go for the desired shape friends. Why only remove excess fat from some body parts, making them appealing, while leaving the butt untouched? In most cases, the but needs to be increased in size, to be well-formed so that it’s curvy from the sides and round. Some people say that the angle between the top of the butt and the base of the spine should be 45 degrees. We can get this figure friends. Only make sure when you go for lipo, you get BBL as well.

When these two procedures are done together at the same time, the end product is more appealing, attractive and makes one get a self-fulfilling feeling, which increases their confidence, as opposed to when you just do one of them, which enhances some parts and leaves out some.

The two procedures use the same advanced Technology

The technology used in performing these procedures is more advanced, which makes the process safer and faster and the end products more appealing. The previous technology saw many complications, but this has been greatly reduced by the more advanced technology. In the advanced technology, the doctors use a wireless ultrasound and a cannula, in which in their setting, it will project to a screen which enables the doctor to see the results of what they are doing, and when enough fat has been deposited to a particular tissue. This ensures no pressure is exerted on the other tissues.

The doctors, in the advanced technology, use a  close looped system which ensures that the fat is removed from the other body parts goes to the place it is being injected without being exposed to the air, which gives no chances for contamination, and ensures the volume of the fat does not change during the process. This is why you should have these two procedures completed in a single operation

The buttocks will not deform afterward

Since the fat removed from that body part does not get exposed to air before it is injected into the buttocks, there are no changes in volume experienced during the process. The reason a butt would deform or reduce from the previous size is when the fat used had been previously exposed to the air, making its volume increase, and later, it may reduce to its normal volume, which may reduce the size of your butt and maybe deformed. The process used safe and rules out all the above risks, so no need to worry, just ensure you have both procedures done at the same time.

Figure out that shape that you have always dreamt of? That you see with the celebrities? What you see on social media platforms? And you can’t rest until you have it? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Just ensure you go for lipo and BBL at the same time for the best results. You will never regret it.